When to Get Dental Implants

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If your smile is missing some teeth, or if you have teeth that are severely decayed – or completely dead – then it’s recommended that you take a look at getting dental implants. They can fix many of your cosmetic and oral health issues you face from missing or decaying teeth, and they look so real people will hardly be able to tell you’re wearing them!

With that in mind, let’s look at when it’s recommended to get dental implants.

Decayed/dead teeth

If you have teeth that are dead or decayed past the point that Dr. John McMurray doesn’t think they can save the tooth with a root canal, then a dental implant is a great option to remove the dead tooth and insert a healthy, natural-looking replacement.

Not enough tooth left for a crown

In order for you to have a crown, you need some of the tooth left in order to anchor the crown to it (the crown is cemented to an abutment, and without that a crown won’t stay in place). If you don’t have enough tooth left for a crown, that’s another instance in which a dental implant may be the best bet for your smile restoration.

You need many teeth replaced

If you’re looking to replace many teeth at once, an implant-supported bridge may be what Dr. John McMurray recommends for your particular needs. An implant-supported bridge is one of the best options for replacing multiple teeth at once.

Keep in mind that implants are just one of many options for restoring missing or decaying teeth. After a consultation appointment, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not they’re the right option for you. To make that appointment, call us today at 208-888-3311 .