Financial Options

Dr. McMurray and Dr. Pulham are dedicated to providing you with an affordable and effective treatment plan at Legacy Smiles Family Dental. We accept most dental insurances and file claims as a courtesy to you. For your convenience, we currently accept most insurance plans.

In order to better meet the financial needs of our patients, we have partnered with CareCredit and we offer several no-interest and low-interest payment plans. We also offer convenient no-interest payments plans for established patients. Our payment options include cash, check, and all major credit cards.


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In-Office Legacy Family Dental Savings Plan


Our team at Legacy Smiles Family Dental will be happy to work with you to find the best financial option for you. One option we offer is our in-house savings plan to help you save money. With no pre-authorizations required and no annual limits, this selection is available to anyone looking for great dental care. To learn more about our in-office savings plan in Meridian, Idaho, give our office a call at 208-888-3311 today!

The Legacy Smiles Family Dental Plan is Designed to provide affordable access to high quality dental care.


  • No Pre-authorizations Required
  • No Annual Limits
  • No Age Limits
  • No Waiting Period
  • No Pre-Existing Conditions
  • No One Will Be Denied Coverage
  • No Deductible
  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No Claim Forms
  • Cosmetic Dental Procedures Are Covered
Benefit Premium:
Plan First Year Savings Addn’l Years Addn’l Savings
Single $350 $112 $330 $132
Dual $680 $204 $655 $269
Family **(3) $980 $406 $950 $436
Family **(4) $1275 $573 $1190 $658

+$195 for each additional member (or +$185 each additional member for additional years on plan).

Must re-enroll and pay within 30 days of expiration of last plan to get additional years savings.

***Senior Citizens (60+) receive additional 5% off selected items below.

**Family plans include parents and children who are enrolled in school until age 23, or children who are not enrolled in college until age 19. Proof of college enrollment must be provided.

Diagnostic and X-Rays Discounts
Comprehensive Exam – New Patient – Initial Visit 100%
Periodic Exam / Limited Exam – 2 Per Year 100%
Full Series X-rays and or Pano X-ray 1 every 3 years 100%
Periapical X-rays, up to 5 films per year 100%
Bitewing X-rays – 1 time per year – up to 4 films 100%


Preventive and Periodontal Therapy Discounts
Child Prophy – Cleaning (2 per year) 100%
Adult Prophy or Perio Maint. Cleaning (2 per year) 100%
Additional Prophy Cleaning 20%
Additional Perio Maintenance Cleaning 20%
Periodontal Scaling and Root Planning 20%
Fluoride – no age limit – 1 per year 100%
Sealants 30%


Restorative Services Discounts
Fillings, Onlays, Inlays 20%
Crowns, Core Build-ups, Post ***20%
Veneers 15%
Dentures and Partial Dentures ***15%
Root Canals 20%
Implants 1st and 2nd stage 20%
Implant Abutment 20%


Other Services Discounts
Space Maintainer 20%
Osseous Perio Surgery 20%
Extractions, Bone Grafting, Guided Tissue 20%
Whitening IN OFFICE 20%
Night Guards 25%
Orthodontia Full Case $500 Off
Orthodontia Limited Case $300 Off

— Example of Savings Only —

Services Examples — Cost Non-Member/Member
2 Exams/X-Rays/2 Prophy./1 FL2 $432/$0
4 Perio Maint. Cleanings/2 Exams/X-Rays $792/$227
Filling Posterior (2 Surface) $239/$191
Crowns and B/U $1447/$1158
Surgical Extractions $290/$232
Family Plan (3) $1386/$980
Family Plan (4) $1852/$1275


This Dental Savings Plan is only honored by Legacy Smiles Family Dental

Plan Exclusions and Limitations
This program is a savings plan, not a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used for the following:

  • In conjunction with another dental insurance plan
  • With any other offer or discount
  • For services or injuries covered under workman’s compensation
  • For treatment which, in sole opinion of the treating dentist or doctor, lies outside the realm of his or her capability
  • For referral to a specialist
  • For hospital charges of any kind
  • For costs of dental care which are covered under automobile or medical insurance

Program Guidelines

  • Non – Refundable Savings Plan
  • No Refunds will be issued at any time if participant decides not to utilize Savings Plan
  • Patients Portion is due on the day of treatment
  • Prices based on UCR – Usual, Reasonable and Customary Fees
  • Cannot be used with financing programs such as: Care Credit for cost of plan or patient portion

John McMurry, DDS

For more information on any of your financial options, please contact us today. We will be happy to help you and schedule your appointment with our dentists in Meridian, Idaho, when you are ready.