The Tooth Test

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If someone were to approach you and ask if you take good care of your teeth, would you say yes? Sure, you may brush your teeth twice daily, but what other methods do you use to ensure optimum oral health? Ask yourself the following questions to determine your overall oral health level.

– Do you also floss and/or use mouthwash daily?
– Do you limit between-meal snacks, which can increase tooth decay?
– Do you use an oral cleaning product after eating, to limit the damage of harmful acids?
– Do you eat nutritious and well-balanced meals from the five main food groups?
– Do you drink plenty of water, which can help with tooth decay?
– Do you limit intake of bread, cereal, and chips, which speed up plaque formation?
– Do you brush your tongue, along with your teeth, to help prevent bad breath?
– Do you avoid chewing tobacco and smoking?
– Do you avoid recreational drugs, which cause mouth dryness and promote tooth decay?
– Do you get regular check-ups at your dental office?

If you answered yes to 1 to 4 questions, your oral health is poor and needs improvement.
If you answered yes to 5 to 9 questions, your oral health is ok but needs improvement.
If you answered yes to all 10 questions, your oral health is great – keep up the good work!

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