Oral Health ABCs: Dental Anxiety

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Have you ever been afraid to go to the dentist office? Do you ever feel pain in your mouth but choose not to treat it because of a fear that the pain you’re going to feel at the dentist office will be even worse? If so, you are suffering from a common condition known as dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety refers to a condition when a patient feels stress or anxiety about receiving an oral health care treatment or even visiting their dentist office. Even though dental anxiety is common, it can seriously hinder your ability to receive accurate and effective oral health care. Effective treatment methods for dental anxiety include stress balls, fidget spinners, relaxing music, and meditative techniques. Speak with your dentist about which treatments are best for you and your dental anxiety treatment.

There is a branch of dentistry that exists to deal specifically with dental anxiety, known as sedation dentistry. Sedatives can be given and administered in a variety of ways to help a person who may experience pain or stress, or even to eliminate the fear of pain prior to a dental treatment. Speak with your dentist to determine which form of sedation dentistry is best for you.

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