Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Toothbrushing Techniques

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How would you rank your oral health care in regard to brushing effectively each day? Are you making sure that you brush your teeth twice per day? Do you use a toothbrush that is extremely durable and not worn out? If you have any potential questions or worries about your oral health care, consider the following tooth brushing techniques.

Always select a toothbrush that can easily fit in your mouth and one that features soft bristles. However, your teeth can be extra sensitive after eating, and abrasion can still occur, so use an alternative treatment at this time, such as mouthwash or sugarless gum. Also, remember to brush twice daily and don’t forget to floss as well.

When brushing your teeth, try to aim for a time roughly two minutes in length for each session. Always remember to use soft, gentle strokes and try to keep your brush at a 45-degree angle, unless you’re brushing the front of your teeth, at which point you should hold your brush vertical. Don’t forget to brush your gums and your tongue as well to ensure bacteria cannot linger in your mouth. Make sure your brush is not worn out and replace it as necessary.

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