Issues that Can Be Resolved with a Dental Crown

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Oral health issues that interfere with your smile and self-confidence can be addressed at Legacy Smiles Family Dental. We are pleased to help many patients receive effective treatment for a variety of smile issues by providing dental crowns.

Today we want to discuss the benefits of dental crowns in addressing the following oral health conditions:

– Damage from Bruxism: Bruxism affects many people and causes them to grind and clench their teeth, usually when they are sleeping. This can result in wear and tear on the teeth, which become shorter. Dental crowns can cover damaged teeth to restore their appearance and strength.

– Broken teeth: If the cusps of your teeth are broken as a result of an injury or a weakened tooth structure due to a large filling, they can receive crowns that cover the tooth to repair the broken cusp area.

– Large dental filling: Receiving a big dental filling that covers half the tooth can affect its integrity and leave it vulnerable to fracturing. If a dental filling begins showing signs of damage, our dentist may recommend a dental crown to support the filling and strengthen the tooth against breakage.

– Cosmetically flawed teeth: Having teeth that are gapped, misshapen or discolored can give you an unsightly smile, but receiving dental crowns may vastly improve your smile’s appearance and raise your self-esteem.

– Root canal treatment: The purpose of root canal treatment is to preserve damaged teeth, but it can also improve the vulnerability of a tooth by creating a hollow space that can be affected by fracturing. Dental crowns help to strengthen the teeth by restoring their form and function.

– Cracked teeth: A tooth that has been fractured can cause pain when you bite down, and chewing can cause the fracture stress. By receiving a dental crown, the pieces of the tooth can be held together to evenly distribute the bite force over the tooth.

If you have developed a dental issue that you feel could be repaired with a dental crown in Meridian, Idaho, we invite you to contact us at 208-888-3311 for an appointment with our dentists, Drs. McMurray and Williams.