Invite Your Smile Back For the Holidays With Dentures

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If you have lost any teeth, we encourage you to choose a treatment for tooth replacement as soon as possible. Missing teeth can lead to larger dental problems such as tooth decay and destabilized gums, allowing the surrounding teeth to shift out of their positions.

Receiving dentures can help you fully regain your smile, as dentures offer many benefits, including:

– Improved speech and the ability to chew and eat comfortably–skills that often become lost or impaired following tooth loss
– A fully restored smile that boosts your self-esteem and helps you feel more comfortable in social settings and work environments more successful
– Restored facial structure and a full jaw that defies the aging appearance, weakness, and collapse structure your smile can suffer if you are missing teeth
– Easy removal and upgrades if a replacement is necessary
– Filling the gaps and spaces caused by missing teeth that would otherwise cause nearby teeth to shift and increase your risk of gum disease and tooth decay
– The ability to match your smile needs by replacing a single tooth or entire rows of teeth
– Stress-free cleaning by removing your dentures and letting them soak overnight

If you are interested in regaining your smile this holiday season with custom-made dentures, contact Dr. McMurray and Dr. Williams at 208-888-3311 today. We look forward to restoring your beautiful smile with a custom set of dentures in Meridian, Idaho!