We Offer Special Care for Everyone

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We understand that as a primary caregiver you are passionate and dedicated to providing your patient or family member with the highest quality of care. One of the things we specialize includes providing dental services to people with special needs and disabilities. There are a few things to keep in mind, to insure your patient will have a stress free experience.

When scheduling the appointment, let us know about any of your patient’s special considerations, medications or other medical conditions. This is also a good time to let us know about any problem areas in the mouth that you are concerned about. This way we can be prepared with any special tools or techniques as well as making sure we have the proper personnel available for a potential lift.

If your patient has issues with involuntary body movements or suffers from dental anxiety, it might be best if they are sedated for the procedure. This insures their comfort and allows us to provide service without complications.

Some patients with special needs might struggle to hold their mouth open for a long period of time. In a situation like this we might recommend a mouth prop. This is a simple device similar to a retractor, that is used in many dental procedures.

An immobilization device might be called for if your patient suffers from involuntary body movements. This is sometimes accompanied by the use of rolled towels to help compensate for any posture issues while they are sitting in the chair.

Communication is key for providing your patient with the highest quality dental care. Please feel free to call us at 208-888-3311 with any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment.