Get to Know the Dentists at Legacy Smiles Family Dental

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Dr. Brad Williams and Dr. John McMurray have a unique friendship.

Childhood friendships can lead to successful endeavors. Brad and John met while in fifth grade and have been friends ever since. They went to the same schools from elementary school all the way through dental school. They watched each other grow up, get married, raise their families, and got to know each other through thick and thin.

When given the opportunity to partner in a dental practice, it just made sense. They have been practicing dentistry for 20 years. John and Brad have successfully grown their practice into something they only dreamed about as kids.

Dr. McMurray and Dr. Williams have created a practice where patients can feel comfortable and know whey will be treated at the highest level of quality and care. Recently, a patients said, “I wouldn’t go anywhere else, they have great service and are always kind and professional.”

The team at Legacy Smiles is the best. Each member was handpicked by Dr. Williams and Dr. McMurray. Most of the staff have been employed at Legacy Smiles for many years. We have several new team members that bring their own unique skills to add to the already amazing team. When asked about his staff, Dr. McMurray stated, “I enjoy working with people who are better than me.”

Legacy Smiles Family Dental offers a wide range of services and care. They really go to great lengths to meet all of their patients’ needs under one roof, but when needed, they work closely with some amazing specialists.

They also take most dental insurance plans and offer a wide range of options so patients can get their dental needs met without worrying about their pocket books. Their number one goal is to care for their patients, not just their mouths.

Both doctors are family men and outdoorsmen. Dr. McMurray has five children and Dr. Williams has three.

Dr. McMurray likes to be outdoors and goes skiing, backpacking, rafting, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking. He take great pride in his children and loves going to their sports events and musical recitals. Dr. McMurray’s oldest daughter recently was married, so now he gets to enjoy a son-in-law as well.

Dr. Williams also loves the outdoors and goes skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and hang gliding. He participated in the Polar Bear Plunge at Lucky Peak on New Year’s Day. He too takes great pride in his kids and loves to attend their ice skating and sports events.

John and Brad not only enjoy dentistry, but they enjoy their staff and patients. Dr. Williams says, “I enjoy seeing our patients’ families grow up.” When you are a patient at Legacy Smiles, you truly become a part of the Legacy family!