The Wand® is a computer-controlled single-tooth anesthesia (STA) system that helps us provide you with a dental experience that is more comfortable and relaxed. The Wand delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthetic, which results in a more comfortable, often pain-free numbing experience. The effect is immediate, helping you feel more at ease during your visit. Because the flow of anesthetic is computer regulated, it is more even and eliminates the stinging sensation often associated with injections. In addition, The Wand features single tooth anesthesia, allowing our dentists to numb just one tooth before completing your treatment, rather than numbing several teeth and the surrounding tissues, such as the cheeks, lips and tongue. You no longer need to worry about half of your mouth being numb for hours after your treatment!

The Wand is also easier for our dentists and our team members to use than traditional anesthesia methods. The easy-to-use, ergonomic handpiece allows our team to easily provide you with the anesthetic you need without using traditional needles. You can feel comfortable and relaxed without the need for syringes during your treatment. To learn more about The Wand and the benefits of single tooth anesthesia, we welcome you to call or visit us today. We look forward to speaking with you!